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Mr. Scott R. Loring

Somerville , MA
p: 617-543-1260
District: Greater Somerville
Business Category: * BETA PROFILES TO DATE = 230+ *, Business & Prof. Services, Consultants,

Scott Loring is an Executive Coach, Mediator and Negotiation consultant. With over 20 years of experience in business and sales management, he brings the transformational principles of coaching to business owners and entrepreneurs. Scott has particular expertise assisting family and other closely-held businesses to increase focus, improve collaboration, and increase profitability. 
Scott's success as a coach is based on his ability to help clients achieve clarity with intuition, deep listening and a direct, supportive communication style. Assisting businesses in a variety of stages from long established companies to start-ups, Scott's clients include leaders throughout New England in industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services. 
Scott is a Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) and a graduate of the country's premier coaching school, the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and the Executive Coaching Institute (ECI). He holds a Certificate in Relationship Coaching to better work with teams and relationships in business and has received training from The Center for Right Relationship (CRR). 
Scott has received mediation training through the Harvard University Program on Negotiation (PON) as well as Mediation Works Inc. (MWI) where he serves on the board of court mediators. Scott is proficient in Non-Violent Communication (NVC), a communication model developed by Marshall Rosenberg. 
CCM helps businesses improve internal and external relationships while increasing profitability and growth. 
We do this through workshops, one-on one-coaching and team facilitation and mediation services. 
Cooperative Coaching and Mediation can unlock your potential with greater peace of mind, financial freedom and improved communication. With a results-oriented approach, CCM helps closely-held businesses align their goals with their values, to develop a plan with specific steps to reach those goals and provides ongoing support to achieve success. 
For closely-held businesses, interpersonal conflicts claim a particularly steep toll. Family businesses and partnerships between friends and spouses are founded on bonds of mutual care and support. When disagreements and communication break down these relationships every aspect business is affected. 
Cooperative Coaching and Mediation assists businesses facing the dual challenge of improving performance and decreasing conflict. Through coaching, mediation services and workshops, individuals and teams enhance the bottom line by improving communication, uncovering common goals and resolving disagreement.
CCM facilitates the tough conversations that allow business stakeholders to speak hard truths and to forge agreements that are mutually satisfactory and durable. The problems all businesses face can become insurmountable when poor communication and opposing personalities get in the way of clarity, harmony and progress. We offer neutral and independent facilitation of discussions that will save you time, money and regret. 
For business stakeholders transitioning from their current relationship, CCM mediation services assist in conversations addressing issues such as succession and the closing of partnerships. 
A coach can provide an objective vision to identify problems, to craft an effective trategy and to provide support to focus your team in a positive direction. The obstacles for your group are frequently rooted in the needs and issues of individual team members. Bringing the players together with a common vision allows the group to achieve a mutual benefit and the business-results you desire. 
CCM provides leadership development and consultation across all levels of the organization to clarify goals, identify obstacles and develop team-based strategies. By engaging with the entire team, CCM offers assistance across your organization to clarify vision and goals, identify obstacles and develop team-based strategies. Ongoing support locks in learning, assists in the implementation of new methods, and overcomes barriers to create significant, lasting change. 
Training and Seminars 
CCM offers informative and engaging workshops for teams and general audiences to develop communication tools and improve business performance. CCM will tailor educational programs to meet the specific needs of your group and offers occasional programs to the public. These workshops are a cost effective way to enable anyone to improve relationships, increase efficiency and boost profitability. 
Relationship Seminars 
CPR: Disagreements about Content Patterns and Relationships 
Understanding the Dynamics of Conflict 
Empathy Skills: How to use empathy in a client-focused business 
From Conflict to Cooperation: How to resolve conflict effectively 
Negotiation Training: Negotiating agreement without giving in
Profitability Seminars
The Business Niche Matrix: Niche Definition, Evaluation & Expansion
Important vs. Urgent: How to build a business when you have to put out fires  
Expectations and Commitments 
Creating systematic improvement
Ideal Week Template
Growth Seminars
The Power Referral
Work-Life Balance
Building a Legacy
Developing powerful mission statements

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